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Baja SAE, Formula SAE and Chinook, our know-how for the benefit of future engineers.

31 January 2017

Baja SAE, Formula SAE and Chinook are student projects from the Faculty of Science and engineering of different universities. The aim of these projects is to design and build a all-terrain vehicle, a single-seated car or a wind-propelled vehicle to participate in the SAE international competitions (in the case of the Baja SAE and Folmula SAE) and the Aeolus Racing (in the case of the Chinook).

Tube Caron has always had a duty to and takes pride in helping the academics in the realization of their student project, both in performing the bending of their chassis and in sharing knowledge and expertise on our field that is still so little known.

Tube Caron broke a sponsorship record in 2016 by getting involved with no less than 8 different teams.

Let’s see what 2017 has in store for us when it comes to racing.

Équipe Baja ÉTS

Team Baja ÉTS

Équipe Chinook ÉTS

Team Chinook ÉTS

Équipe Baja ULaval

Team Baja ULaval

Équipe Baja Polytechnique

Team Baja Polytechnique

Équipe Formule SAE ULaval

Team Formula SAE ULaval

Équipe Formule SAE McGill

Team Formula SAE McGill

Équipe Baja Concordia

Team Baja Concordia



Équipe Baja UQTR

Team Baja UQTR