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Baja SAE, Formula SAE and Chinook, our know-how for the benefit of future engineers.

31 January 2017

Baja SAE, Formula SAE and Chinook are student projects from the Faculty of Science and engineering of different universities. The aim of these projects is to design and build a all-terrain vehicle, a single-seated car or a wind-propelled vehicle to participate in the SAE international competitions (in the case of the Baja SAE and Folmula SAE) and the Aeolus Racing (in the case of the Chinook).

En route to ISO 14001- Environmental management systems

24 November 2016

As a leader in manufacturing, it is our duty to take action to manage the impacts of production on the environment. This is why the Tube Caron's team is currently working on implementing the new version of ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems for 2017.

Tube Caron at the Ontario Transportation Expo (OTE)

29 April 2016

Our participation at the Ontario Transportation Expo (OTE) was a success. Booth 413 was a hit with many attendees and exhibitors. Thank you to all the people who came to meet with us.

Tube Caron & Concordia Baja SAE

2 December 2015

Tube Caron is proud to sponsor Concordia Baja SAE team by bending all the tubes of their chassis.

Cultivate precision above all for over 25 years

3 August 2015

Tube Caron is a family company that has cultivated PRECISION ABOVE ALL in the design and production of tubes for over 25 years,

Tube Caron proud sponsor of Tigercat International's employees soccer tournament

9 June 2015

Tube Caron is proud to support the soccer tournament hosted by Tigercat Industries on June 20 in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

On our way to better environmental management!

16 October 2013

Committed to reducing our environmental impact, Tube Caron began the procedures to obtain ISO 14000 certification (Environmental management).

Tube production, from A to zinc

10 October 2013

In order to respond to our clients’ diverse needs, Tube Caron is currently installing new, equipment that will add zinc plating to our service offer.