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Cultivate precision above all for over 25 years

3 August 2015

Tube Caron is a family company that has cultivated PRECISION ABOVE ALL in the design and production of tubes for over 25 years.

The challenge of producing tubing in a way that so many others cannot, and to ensure consistent quality, inspires us to constantly research, innovate our production methods and find ways to reproduce this precision in every batch of tubing we produce.

“Our client expect us to always be at the cutting edge of the development and production of quality tubing”, Francis Caron, President of Tube Caron.

tube_caron-soudeurThrough our accomplishments, Tube Caron has demonstrated, more than once, that it pays to invest in a team capable of meeting client expectations at a competitive cost and delivering on time.

Tube Caron is remarkable for its precision bending of thin-walled tubing, the quality and reliability of which exceeds and even redefines industry standards.

Always with our motto, precision is everything we know!